30 Great Minutes from Physique57

Fitness is an integral part of health, and we at Bestowed can’t just stop at nutrition! This full body workout (in just half an hour!) is not only fun, invigorating and incredibly intense, but it also produces visible results in as few as 8 workouts (think Kelly Ripa, Demi Moore and Sofia Vergara). And it caters to any level from beginner to advanced with instructors providing step-by-step modifications. Physique 57 was started by Jennifer Maanavi, who wanted to provide a studio for former dance enthusiasts (like herself). As Physique 57 gained popularity, Jennifer created a DVD Workout Series to provide a regimen to people across the country that couldn’t get to one of her studios. This series has sold over 200,000 copies! FEEL THE BURN!

Perfect for those on the go, a lunch break at your desk or while traveling.    
This 30 Minute DVD is a great add-on to any of their other Workout DVDs (Classic 57 Minute, Arm & Ab Booster, Classic 57 Minute Second Edition, Thigh & Seat Booster or Advanced 30 Minute Express).

Amazon.com OR physique57.com.

Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer



Elizabeth Sinclaire
Elizabeth Sinclaire

May 25, 2012

I absolutely LOVE Physique 57 and think the Express Workout is amazing. It’s still an incredible workout and very effective. I love that the video requires little extra equipment and its so targeted. The burn is unbelievable! Thank you Bestowed for sharing this video!


May 23, 2012

So I stumbled on Bestowed from an email I received from PureWow and being the snack lover I am signed up for the monthly box. I had no idea what to expect but to my surprise I found not only delicious healthy snacks (that are mostly consumed by this point – sorry Heather – I think the boredom chapter of Bread is the Devil might ring a bell) but the Physique 57 video that I was actually looking at purchasing a couple days before. My butt is still sore from this amazing video and so happy I took a risk on Bestowed. I got one of my co-workers to sign up and can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month!

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