Sahale Snacks Cranberries, Sesame Seeds + Honey

Sahale Snacks came about when a two experienced hikers set out to create a nourishing, refueling food that didn’t have the flavor profile of cardboard! They traded in their traditional trail mix and created this super snack. Instead of using plain sugar or artificial sweeteners, their delicious blends are flavored with natural ingredients like orange blossom honey and Madagascar vanilla, like what you'll find in this  pouch. Is your mouth watering yet? The combination of whole almonds with sesame seeds and dried cranberries plus a pinch of sea salt, makes this a double whammy against cholesterol and promotes heart health. Enjoy this morning, day or night for optimum wellbeing.

Combine with a bowl of steel-cut oats for a triple threat to combat cholesterol and weight gain. The soluble fiber from the oats will keep  you full and work to lower LDL levels, while the unsaturated fats from the almonds and sesame seeds maintain heart health. Your ticker will  thank you! Or swap greasy croutons for Sahale Snacks on your next salad and save on calories, while adding protein and fiber to your greens.

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Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer


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