Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread

Finding a type of sandwich that suits your child's taste can be hard enough. On top of that, strict cafeteria regulations (due to food allergies) may make certain sandwich spreads out the question. This buttery spread contains sunflower seeds instead of nuts, making it an ideal peanut-free option. Plus it has double the fiber of traditional nut butters and is chuck full of antioxidants!
Keep a squeeze pack handy to combine with celery sticks, carrots or an apple. Completely mess-free! Or toss a packet in the lunchbox with some gluten free crackers for a fun, DIY lunch for kids. Whether it's a sandwich or a snack, SunButter is the perfect option.
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Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer




June 10, 2013

I haven’t had peanut butter in years since it makes me sick. I have missed the taste of it so much. When I tasted this I was brought back to the memories of peanut butter. Love it!!! If you haven’t tried it you should. Warning if you haven’t had peanut butter or anything like it or even for awhile it is very filling. Not a bad thing.


June 03, 2013

This looks great! I had perhaps a sialmir experience trying to make raw sunflower seed butter. I made it chocolate and that worked well, but I agree that you definitely need to roast it if you want it plain. What does the Lucuma powder do for the flavor?

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