Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter

It doesn’t actually contain butter, but its rich, creamy consistency doesn’t skimp on taste. It’s almost like eating pumpkin pie! With just 40 calories per tablespoon and no fat, cholesterol or sodium, you’ll reap the seasonal health benefits of pumpkin—rich in antioxidants and vitamin A—and satisfy your taste buds. Get it while you can! This item is only available in season.

Spread one tablespoon of pumpkin butter on a high-fiber English muffin with ¼ cup low-fat, whipped cottage cheese for a hearty afternoon snack. Sweet tooth calling? Ditch the fattening hot fudge sauce and use pumpkin butter as a decadent topping alternative on low-fat frozen yogurt or ice cream.

WHERE TO BUY, Trader Joe’s stores nationwide

Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer


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