Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree

Halloween may be over, but pumpkin is still in season. Pacific’s organic pumpkin puree will hit the spot. Its organic, gluten-free and low-calorie qualities let the delicious taste of nature speak for itself. Plus, you’ll reap the seasonal benefits of pumpkin—rich in vitamin A, fiber and antioxidants—that keep your eyesight sharp, boost your immune system and keep you feeling full longer.

In a breakfast rut? Pumpkin puree is the cure! Add one tablespoon to oatmeal or Greek yogurt for a healthy spin on traditional favorites. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, mix one tablespoon into a smoothie to really capture its seasonal taste. 

WHERE TO BUY, Whole Foods, most grocery and health food stores. Online at 

Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer


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samantha k.
samantha k.

December 06, 2012

Made a quickly devoured Vegan Pumpkin Pie with this. The whole family loved it and I will buy it again. Maybe try to make a soup next time.

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