La Tortilla Low Carb, High Fiber Tortillas

This is just about the lowest calorie wrap we’ve ever seen! It clocks in at just 50 calories, and the health benefits don’t end there. One wrap will give you a super boost of fiber, packing in 52 percent of your daily recommended value. These tortillas are perfect for those who want to lose weight and those who simply seek delicious ways to get more fiber in their diet. With no cholesterol, saturated fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils, you just can’t find another wrap like it!

Put a healthy spin on a Mexican favorite. Create your own healthy quesadilla with grilled chicken, low-fat salsa, peppers and onions. Or, spice up your breakfast with nutrition-rich burrito, complete with egg whites, salsa and one tablespoon of organic cheddar cheese.

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Ross Bauer
Ross Bauer


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