Simply Snackin Jerky

WHY WE LOVESimply Snackin Jerky
Jerky lovers, rejoice.  We've found the perfect snack for you.  This gourmet, jerky-like snack is all natural and made with no added MSG, fillers or trans fats.  Plus, it's packed with protein, has no saturated fat, four of the six varieties are gluten-free and all are just 60 calories!  Simply Snackin delivers an experience unlike conventional jerky with a kick of fruit, beans or vegetables.  You'll love the teriyaki chicken breast with mango and papaya and beef sirloin with apples and cherries and other taste sensations as much as we do!

Simply Snackin jerky is a must-have for long road trips.  Ditch the carb-bars and chips and nosh on healthy jerky instead.  Need an afternoon pick-me-up?  Try Simply Snackin, the flavor will satisfy your taste buds and the protein will keep your hunger at bay.


Mike Rocha
Mike Rocha


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