Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts


These tiny seeds pack a big punch! Loaded with protein and vitamins, these little gems are a great way to add essential omegas and protein into your daily diet. We love the mild, nutty flavor (similar to sunflower seeds) and we also love that Manitoba Harvest is vertically integrated, which means they control every aspect of their Hemp Hearts right from seed to shelf!


Skip the croutons and nuts on your salad and sprinkle a tablespoon of Hemp Hearts on instead. They will give you that nutty crunch you are looking for with the added boost of protein. Need a change from your normal yogurt routine? Mix in 1 tbsp hemp hearts with your favorite 6oz cup of low-fat yogurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a delightful morning start.

WHERE TO BUY, Whole Foods, Costco, local health food stores
Mike Rocha
Mike Rocha


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