Nature’s Path Love Crunch® Dark Chocolate Macaroon Granola

The ever-popular combo of coconut and chocolate come together in this delicious granola, and with 13 whole grains per serving, there’s no guilt here! The dark chocolate and macaroon flavor adds a dash of decadence to a morning routine, while the low-sodium content keeps it heart-healthy. Plus, all Nature’s Path products are USDA organic certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. Not only does Nature’s Path donate the equivalent amount of food to food banks across America for every bag of Love Crunch purchased, but they are also a proud sponsor of GMO OMG, a documentary about a dad on mission to unearth the truth about GMOs and what is in our food. The movie will be in select theatres throughout the month of October in celebration of Non-GMO month. A tasty treat that we can feel good about eating? Yes, please!

Have Love Crunch as a snack with its easy resealable bag OR use as a crunchy topping for a vanilla-flavored yogurt.

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Heather Bauer, RD CDN
Heather Bauer, RD CDN


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