May 05, 2017


Surviving Spring and Summer Barbecues

Ah Memorial Day. The unofficial start of summer. A long weekend hopefully filled with friends, fun and a seemingly endless stream of BBQ’s. Contrary to what many people think, BBQ’s can actually be a healthy eating venue. Before you head to your first summer barbecue, I’ve pulled together some tips and facts that will help you navigate the spread. View full article →
May 01, 2017


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Healthy Mexican Guide

margaritaWhenever holidays approach (especially ones that tend to involve cocktails) it’s easy to lose control. Cinco de Mayo is right there at the top of the list. Cinco De Mayo has not only become a celebration of Mexico’s heritage, but a day to go out and have fun on the town. But a night out at a Mexican fiesta can easily get out of hand when it comes to being healthy. Here is my Mexican dining out guide as well as some luscious libations that will help you drink and eat responsibly this Cinco de Mayo. View full article →
April 24, 2017


Foods that Boost Your Energy

busy dayIt’s no secret people generally do not get enough sleep. Even if you are clocking the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night, our go-go culture can easily drain your energy supply. Besides turning to that cup of coffee, there are foods we can incorporate into our diets to help sustain our energy and get us through those busy days. View full article →
April 10, 2017


Healthy Spring Holidays

How long is a holiday? Some holidays can seem like they go on for weeks and weeks. Spring is no exception. Between Easter, Passover, Mother's Day and just celebrating the weather turning nicer, it can be a nonstop festival of cookies, fruitcake and special edition candy. How do you reign it in when everyone around is eating nonstop? Here are a few helpful suggestions:  View full article →
March 31, 2017


Morning, Noon or Night, Fuel Your Workouts Right

Do you hop out of bed first thing in the morning and hit the gym? Maybe you prefer a late-night workout before bed. Either way, the food you consume pre- and post-workout are just as important as the workout itself. Many of us have had the experience of scarfing down...

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March 27, 2017


Foods That Help You Sleep

There seems to be a sleep crisis in our culture these days, or rather a “lack-of-sleep” crisis. Our busy, non-stop lives means we aren’t hitting the hay as much as we should. And when we do, our minds race with worries from the day. Research shows more than one-third of all Americans don’t get the recommended amount of sleep (at least 7 hours per night). But getting enough sleep is critical to your health. It helps with metabolism, immunity, memory, cognitive function, reaction times, and so much more. If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep at night, you may want to try increasing your serotonin levels. View full article →
March 15, 2017


Farmers' Markets in Spring

Spring has officially sprung (although it may not feel like it) and farmer’s markets are beginning to re-emerge. In the last few years, Farmer’s Markets have been popping up and becoming increasingly popular in ... Continue reading ...

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March 09, 2017


The Scoop on Carbs

There’s a growing misconception that consumption of carbohydrates leads to weight gain. Sure attacking the bread basket as soon as it hits the table is probably not the best approach, but is it really carbs that we should be afraid of? Or is there a more important lesson to be learned here? Carbohydrates are one of three macronutrients (along with protein and fat) that are the basic and essential components of every diet. The reality is that ANYTHING you eat in excess, can contribute to weight gain. So for those of you who are consuming excessive amounts of protein and/or fat, you can still gain weight if you are consuming more than you’re expending.

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March 08, 2017


Daylight Savings Healthy Tips

running in the daylightDuring winter it’s easy to blow off the gym when it gets dark at 4:30pm. By the time you leave work it feels like nighttime. And on cold, dark winter mornings it’s tough to motivate to exercise before work. Well, there’s nothing like a little extra sunshine to give you that energy boost to kick-start your exercise routine. Even if you have been working out faithfully all winter, now’s your chance to both increase your activity level and spice up your exercise routine to keep yourself from getting bored. In fact, people who vary their exercise routines tend to stick to a fitness regimen more successfully than people who always follow the same routine, according to a study in the Medical Science Monitor. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy and add a little variety to your workout routine now that the days are a little longer:

  • Stick to your quitting time. If you usually leave work around 5 or 5:30, try to stick to that plan even now that it’s light out until 7. Don’t simply stretch your workday out. Use that daylight to squeeze in a workout.
  • Walk your commute. If it’s an option, skip one workout at the gym a week and walk home from work during the newfound daylight instead.
  • Be flexible. If you typically workout on the weekend and you find that your summer social calendar is interfering with your weekend workouts, take advantage of the longer weeknights to get all your exercise in before the weekend.
  • Become a weekend warrior. Conversely, if you find it too difficult to fit your workouts into the workweek, or if you just hate going to the gym, use the longer weekend days for active outdoor activities with friends and family. Plan a day of biking, rollerblading, or hiking. It’s a great way to be social and get fit.
  • Let your internal clock play catch-up. Beware that it might take you a few days to adjust your internal body clock to Daylight Savings Time. You may have felt hungry earlier in the day than you usually do. Hopefully, you were able to resist the temptation to double up on your snacks and meals until your body adjusted. If you found that you did wind up eating more that week, try to wean yourself off the extra snacks as soon as possible.
February 24, 2017


Write your way to a healthier lifestyle

Healthy resolutions to regain control of our diets aren’t always realistic. We tend to tip the scale towards ambitious rather than achievable, which is why it can be difficult ... Continue reading ...

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