Keeping Up with Healthy Habits on Vacation

pool at the beachVacations should be enjoyed. They're interludes in our life that are truly special, and I think you should relax and enjoy your time away from the cares of regular life. Besides, a vacation usually lasts two weeks at the longest and you're ordinarily so busy - physically and mentally - that even if you're relishing new restaurants, you're not going to come back having derailed all your healthy habits. Here are a few pointers to help you savor your meals while not losing control. 

Consider the Vacation Bonus 

Don't be afraid of your vacations, it will not ruin your healthy lifestyle. Many of my clients have been surprised to find they can eat well on vacation without feeling restricted. You may sleep better, you're often exercising and walking around more and you usually can't snack during the day. To make sure your nutrition stays at the top of its game, take Vitafive Personalized Gummy Vitamin Packs with you. Conveniently prepackaged into one pack per day, these vitamins are easy bring with you. Take advantage of every pleasure of your trip, make sensible choices and you'll come home happy, relaxed and in the right frame of mind. 

Get Off on the Right Foot 

Don't you find that if you have a bad beginning to your trip, things go downhill pretty quickly? You binge at the airport and feel uncomfortable in your bathing suit the first day, so you head straight for a caftan and the snack bar. Have a good game plan for departure day. I believe that mastering the first twenty-four hours of your vacation is the most important step you can take to maintain your healthy goals. Get in a healthy mind-set right at the outset of your vacation, have a great time and make healthy choices. By the end of the trip, you'll be relaxed and feeling good. 

Stay Strong at Breakfast 

Get your vacation days off to a good start by eating well at breakfast. If possible, try to order off the menu rather than be tempted by a breakfast buffet. But ever if there's only a buffet, you can do a walk by and make healthy choices before digging in. Good buffet choices include: 

  • Yogurt topped with high-fiber cereal and fruit
  • Two eggs plus sliced tomato and fruit 
  • Egg white omelet (with veggies) and fruit 
  • If you're especially hungry, add a slice of Canadian or regular bacon. Skip sausage, since it's salty and not lean. 

Do Not Travel with Two Sets of Clothes 

I've had clients who tell me that they bring along a "fat" and a "slim" wardrobe. This just sets you up for failure. Leave your baggy clothes home. While I don't think you need to focus on losing weight on vacation, it's really not that hard to maintain your healthy weight and habits.

Clear the Minibar 

Never, ever, open the minibar in a hotel room unless it's to check that you don't get charged for a missing item. But beware the temptation to reach in for a bag of M&M's at midnight.

Choose Your Indulgence

By now it's clear you shouldn't feel like you're in a food straightjacket while on vacation. With that in mind, select the food indulgences that will really matter to you. Maybe in Italy, it's pasta, or tapas in Spain. Decide what's going to give you the most pleasure and go for it. Just balance it out with healthy, lighter meals when you can. And it's usually wise to time your indulgence. One at dinner is usually safer than lunch, which could set you off and make it harder to choose well for the rest of the day. 

Remember Recovery 

Did you really overdo it? It happens. You're on vacation having a blast and then suddenly your clothes are super-tight and you feel gross. Solution? A protein-packed day. Grab two poached eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken and salad for lunch and a small protein (steak, chicken, fish, tofu), salad and steamed veggies for dinner. By the next morning, you'll be back on track. 

Heather Bauer, RD CDN
Heather Bauer, RD CDN


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