3 ways to fall ahead without falling behind on your healthy eating goals.

1. Buy fruits & vegetables that are in season during the fall: Fall can be one of the best times for a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables. Boredom can be a major reason for sabotaging healthy eating, make it a point to add these to your shopping list!

2. Beware of the nighttime munchies: Everyone knows that it can be difficult to resist temptation late at night - especially when getting readjusted to busy schedules. Have a game plan for a healthy and nutritious controlled snack in case the late night hunger hits. Try freezing organic Greek yogurt, it’s filling and low in calories!

3. Don’t blow your healthy plan at dinner: At this time of the year we can’t always control how many work or social dinners we have on the schedule but don’t let that be an excuse to blow your health goals. Plan super clean breakfasts at home or work and pack lunch so you have a little more flexibility when dining out…and of course when dining out check the menu ahead of time and always skip the bread basket!


Heather Bauer, RD CDN
Heather Bauer, RD CDN


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