3 Ways To Keep From Sabotaging Your Health During The Holidays

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Many people think they have to throw in the towel on their healthy eating during the holiday season. Remember that even though it may be harder than usual to stay on track, it’s certainly not mission impossible! While there may be more challenges during these months, here are some tips to not “blow it” and to help you stay sane, happy and healthy!

Tip 1: When choosing what to put on your plate, remember that your eyes are bigger than your stomach!

'Moderation is key' may be an overused phrase but it’s oh so appropriate for this time of the year. If you spot your favorite pie on the dessert table, next to your favorite kind of cake, think of it as “pick your poison” and choose only one. Savor your moments of indulgence and make them few and far between.

Tip 2: Sneak in more “exercise” than usual.

It’s inevitable that on some days you will consume more calories than usual so be mindful that movement can help balance this increase out. It can be easy to sneak in movement: consider taking the stairs all month instead of the elevator and park further away than usual at the store to walk more. You’ll be surprised at how the little changes will add up.

Tip 3: Keep those liquid calories in check.

Almost every celebration has a whole range of fun things to drink. From eggnog to alcoholic drinks, make sure to take an inventory of what and how much you are drinking. Always alternate drinks with a full glass of water. Carry around seltzer with lime at a cocktail party if you don't want to feel empty-handed. It’s easy to forget that drinks can have just as much sugar and calories as food.

Heather Bauer, RD CDN
Heather Bauer, RD CDN


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