A Peachy Keen Summer

There is nothing sweeter than the deliciousness of a juicy, ripe peach in the summer. Summer fruit really hits it out of the park and makes for the perfect addition to any dish or can stand alone as a delectable snack; however my favorite way to healthfully indulge on these oh-so-sweet summer treats is by letting my sweet tooth take the lead. This Sultry Summer Peaches & Cream recipe from My New Roots blog is so good there really isn’t much to say aside from, it’s that good. Holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef, Sarah Britton, always knows how to combine the mouth-watering dishes you crave with the healthful lifestyle we should all be living, and she gives you the nutritional information on what you’re eating too. After reading this article you’ll learn all about the essential mineral potassium found in peaches and why it’s so good for you, but when you make this recipe you’ll forget all about that and it’ll take to you beachside on a hot, summer day.

In good health!


Heather Bauer, RD CDN
Heather Bauer, RD CDN


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