Healthy Spring Holidays

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How long is a holiday? Some holidays can seem like they go on for weeks and weeks. Spring is no exception. Between Easter, Passover, Mother's Day, the beginning of wedding season, and just celebrating the weather turning nicer, it can be a nonstop festival of cookies, macaroons and special edition candy. How do you reign it in when everyone around is eating nonstop? Here are a few helpful suggestions: 

  • Start you day with a walk or run. If it's cold early in the morning, bundle up and get out there and move. Do the twenty-minute rule: it's better than nothing and will get your day off to a good start.
  • Dress for success. The more fitted your clothes, the less room you'll have to chow down. Tighten that belt a notch or look for slim-fitting shirts and slim jeans. You'll see a difference right away.
  • Don't do a pre-party starve. If you starve yourself all day in preparation for the big event, it almost always backfires. It's just too hard to control yourself when you're crazy hungry.
  • Sip seltzer. Use breath strips. Whatever it takes to keep food out of your mouth.
  • Drink your water. Liter by lunch. This helps keep you full and combats the salty, richness of holiday food.
  • Don't pick! There's food everywhere, but don't allow mindless indulgences. Keep the following in mind: one thumb-size piece of cheese costs you 100 calories, which takes about a mile of walking or running to burn off. That's just one little piece! Two spoons of chocolate chip cookie dough and leftover pie scraps while strolling through the kitchen costs you almost 200 calories or a two-mile walk or run. Think before you pick and taste! 
  • Avoid the "ands." You know what I mean. Holiday dinner could be ham or brisket. And matzah ball soup. And green been casserole. And potatoes. Pick the leanest protein and a couple of vegetables and just one starch. Then call a halt. 

Dining Out Guide: Brunch Edition

Many spring holidays, like Easter, Mother's Day, and the excitement of dining al fresco, may revolve around a specific meal: brunch. Whether you're eating out, at a relative's house or at your own home, here are some of my top order suggestions:

  • Egg white omelet with one slice of cheese and two vegetables and a salad. Replace the home fries with an optional side of fruit salad or two slices Canadian bacon.
  • Oatmeal made with water and small fruit salad.
  • Two poached eggs with lettuce and tomato, one slice dry toast and fruit salad.
  • Eggs Benedict: no hollandaise sauce and the English muffin will be your carb.
  • Eggs Florentine (nice because it has the additional spinach): no potato and no hollandaise sauce.

So don't put your healthy eating off just because special holidays are abound. If you think that way, you'll never get started! If you put your life on hold for the sake of your diet, you're bound to fail. If you embrace your lifestyle and eat well in every situation, well, that's the key to permanent success!

Heather Bauer, RD CDN
Heather Bauer, RD CDN


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