The age old question: Coffee or Tea?

While both coffee and tea contain high enough levels of caffeine to get you through your day (one cup of brewed coffee contains 135mg of caffeine vs. one cup of tea which contains 50mg of caffeine), limiting your caffeine intake may actually help you lose weight in the long run. Why? Caffeine acts as a natural trigger that tells your body to secrete insulin. The more caffeine you introduce, the more insulin your body secretes. Insulin has been proven to retard the rate at which your body burns its stored fat. Reducing your caffeine intake by 50% or more could have surprising results. Not convinced yet? Tea is also a better option because:
  • it’s been proven to be good for your heart and lungs
  • it contains phytochemicals which strengthen your bones and teeth
  • it contains cavity fighting fluoride and tannins that suppress the growth of plaque bacteria.



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