Quick Tips on Keeping Your Summer Shape Through the Fall

1. WAKE UP AND WORK OUT Adjusting to darker mornings can lead to a lack of motivation for morning workouts. Keep the following in mind though when you push that snooze button: studies show that exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach forces the body to use its fat stores as fuel and not the increased blood sugars that are circulating around our bodies after a meal. Working out after meals is, of course, still OK but if your goal is to maximize fat burning try to stick to a morning routine. 2. BROWN BAG IT If you’re like most people, you find yourself too busy to have lunch at lunchtime and too hungry and tired to make good food choices when you finally sit down to eat. Here’s a suggestion that will help (and may make you feel like a kid again). Try packing up a lunch at home before going to work. Keep in mind that lunch should provide between 25-35% of your daily nutrients. Try to get in one serving of protein (1 deck = 3 ounces) on a whole grain bread (i.e. 1/2 pita or a high fiber tortilla), one serving of fresh veggies, and one serving of fresh fruit. Many of my clients say that the easiest time for them to make lunch is when making dinner the night before. If you have a side salad for dinner place the lettuce and tomato in a zip lock bag. Use your protein from dinner to add into a high fiber wrap. Add a fresh apple on the side to add a sweet crunchy treat with the sandwich. For those of you that like chips, I recommend Glenny’s Soy Chips. 3. AN APPLE A DAY The average US consumer eats about 19 pounds of fresh apples a year – approximately one apple a week. I recommend one apple a day. Why are apples such a good choice? Apples have been found to: 1) Lower the risk of Heart Disease 2) Prevent Cancer 3) Promote Weight Loss


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