Surviving Holiday Parties

Like Thanksgiving, holiday parties can be a difficult time of the year for those that are watching their weight. Here are some tips that might help:
  • Never go to a holiday party hungry, make sure to have eaten a healthy snack beforehand so you do not overeat.
  • Appetizers can be very high in calories, avoid the items that are high in fat, especially nuts and cheese. Choose the crudités, shrimp cocktail, sushi or other lighter options to hold you over until dinner time.
  • Limit alcohol, choose your poison widely and be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Wear something that doesn’t have too much give in the waist or tighten your belt one notch. Remember, this is not an eating contest.
  • Always have a glass in hand so it becomes more challenging to eat---this can be sparkling water with a lime or diet soda.
  • It is ok to indulge in some dessert so you are not tempted to binge later on, but try to savor a few small pieces.
  • Avoid seconds, you are eating plenty already, it’s not necessary!
  • Be the one to bring a healthy dish to the party.
  • If you’re the one hosting the party, I recommend that you only keep healthy leftovers in the fridge – eliminate temptation wherever possible.
  • Exercise a little everyday to keep your metabolism high.
The above is an excerpt from holiday survival guide. If you are a nu-train client and would like the complete guide, please let me know.


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