What's the Buzz on Pomegranates?

The pomegranate has recently been acclaimed for its health benefits, in particular, for its disease-fighting antioxidant potential. Early studies suggest that pomegranate juice may contain almost three times the total antioxidant ability compared with the same quantity of green tea or red wine. It also provides a substantial amount of potassium, is high in fiber, and contains vitamin C and niacin. You may have noticed that several pomegranate-based products have entered the market recently. Most notably is POM Juice. While this product does possess many of the healthy properties of pomegranates, I always urge my clients to pay close attention to calories and serving sizes – particularly of juices. Below you will find a chart that compares the nutrition label of the “real thing” to that of POM Juice.
1 Fresh Pomegranate 8 oz Serving POM Juice (2 per container)
Calories 105 140
Fat 0.5g 0g
Sodium 40mg 30mg
Carbs 26g 35g
Fiber 0.9g 0g
Sugars 21g 34g
Protein 1g 1g



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