Benito’s – nu-train Approved Mojito’s

Makes 6 servings 3 cups fresh mint leaves ½ cup fresh lime juice 6 lime wedges 9 Tbsp Splenda 6 cups club soda 1 ½ cups light rum 6 cups crushed ice
  • Reserve 6 mint leaves for garnish.
  • Place remaining mint leaves in medium bowl and add Splenda.
  • Mash with wooden spoon until mint is aromatic and oils are released
  • Add rum and lime juice and stir until sugar dissolves.
  • Combine mojito mix, club soda and ice in a blender.
  • Pour mojito into 6 glasses and garnish each glass with 1 mint leaf and 1 lime wedge.
Each Serving: 140 calories (using splenda saves 70 calories/serving) **A special thank you to the Fischbach’s and the Epstein’s for creating this recipe


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