NU-TRAIN SURVIVAL SERIES: Stadium Concession Stands

Navigating your way through stadium concession stands can be a difficult task -- so many tempting options, so few healthy alternatives! Before we talk about the alternatives, have a look at how some of the most commonly available food choices stack up on the scale:
Nachos 12 oz 1500 Calories 105g fat (19 sat.)
Hamburger w/ Bun 4 oz 580 Calories 32g fat (12 sat.)
Sausage w/ Bun - 450-500 Calories 27g Fat (9 sat.)
Pretzel - 500 Calories 4.5g fat
French Fries 4 oz 370 Calories 20g fat (5 sat.)
Hot Dog w/ Bun 3.5 oz 250 Calories 14g fat (5 Sat.)
Peanuts 1 oz (30 nuts) 168 Calories 15g fat (2 Sat.)
Beer 12 oz 157 Calories -
Soda 12 oz 140 Calories -
The good news? Popular demand has forced most stadiums to rethink their strategy. Healthy alternatives are readily available and somewhat easy to find these days. Now all you have to do is stay focused. Here are some tips that may help you stay on track the next time you go to a game:
  • Avoid snack foods like nachos, peanuts, French fries and hamburgers because they come in very large portions and are loaded with fat and saturated fat.
  • Watch out for foods that may seem healthy because they are low in fat because they may still be loaded with (i.e. a pretzel seems like a healthy alternative because it is not fried, however it has more calories then most people consume in an entire meal)
  • If you’re hungry choose a high protein food that will fill you up and help you avoid all the snacking:
    • opt for a turkey or grilled chicken sandwich, or
    • a salad with one individual package of low fat dressing or
    • sushi (yes, some stadiums now offer sushi)
  • If you’re with a group I recommend that you all split a food item (like a pretzel or peanuts). Make sure though that you’re not the one holding on to the goods as you’ll winding up eating most of whatever is being shared.
  • Limit soda and beer consumption. Both contain empty calories that add up very quickly.



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