Motivation: How to Get It

Motivation doesn’t just come from within; it takes practice. Here are a few reminders for how to stay geared up as you work towards your weight-loss goals:
  • Create weekly eating and exercise goals for yourself and write them down. This reinforces the goals in your mind, so you’re more likely to follow through.
  • Record what you eat and drink, as well as how much exercise you do, each day. This should become second nature in no time. And, as you know, by writing down everything, you become accountable to yourself, which in turn helps you stick to your goals.
  • Don’t use a “bad day” as an excuse to go off the wagon completely. You can repair a bad day by cutting out just a few things later in the day or the next day. But every time you go off the wagon completely, your motivation to get started again decreases.
  • Give yourself nonfood rewards. Buy yourself new clothes in smaller sizes. Sign up for a massage. You’ll begin to realize that rewarding yourself with food is not nearly as enjoyable.
  • Look at what you’re gaining, not at what you’re losing. Remember, you’re not dieting. You’re learning how to eat in a more healthy way. So don’t dwell on the fact that you no longer eat chocolate cake every night. Instead, savor an occasional dessert, and focus on how good you feel as the pounds melt away. Nothing motivates more than seeing the results of your new way of eating.



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