Will White Wheat Become the New Whole Wheat?

We all know that whole grain bread is better for you than white bread. That’s because the white flour used to make white bread has been stripped of most of its nutritional content. But white bread continues to be a favorite among consumers, especially among kids who just love their Wonder Bread. Good news: It looks like you’ll soon be able to have your whole grain bread and your white bread and eat it, too. Three major wheat producers have ramped up their efforts to market a product called hard white wheat—a grain that matches up nutritionally to its cousin whole wheat, but is lighter in color and less bitter tasting. And it looks like industry leaders are catching on. Interstate Bakeries, the maker of Wonder Bread, is about to roll out a white wheat version of its flagship product called White Bread Fans 100 Percent Whole Grain (expected to hit store shelves early next year). Sara Lee is already marketing a white wheat bread called Soft & Smooth Made with Whole Grain White Bread. And General Mills sells white wheat flour. If hard white wheat takes off, it could boost the nutritional content of all sorts of baked goods, from cookies to cereals to muffins.


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