The Latest on Why We Overeat (It’s Not Just Stress-Related)

People who are served larger-than-usual portions from one meal to the next, eat more than they normally would, says a recent study out of Cornell University published in the October issue of the Journal of Nutrition. Not surprising. But what’s shocking is how much more: Researchers found that they ate up to 40 percent more than usual. Combine that fact with previous research showing that Americans eat more than half their meals in restaurants (where portion sizes tend to be far larger than they might be at home), and you have a recipe for an epidemic weight problem. So the next time you eat out, keep my portion control guidelines in mind: a deck of cards per serving of meat or poultry, a fist's worth of starch or vegetable, and a thumb-size worth of condiments and dressings. You can always wrap up the rest to bring home for a second meal.


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