Research Round-up: Eat Soup, Eat Less!

Several past studies have determined that eating soup prior to a meal can decrease hunger, increase fullness, and reduce subsequent meal intake. The reasons behind why soup has this effect, however, are still being tested. Possible explanations include the temperature, amount consumed, fat content, energy content, and viscosity. In a recent study published in Appetite in April 2007, Flood and Rolls investigated the effect the form of soup had on subsequent meal intake. They served the same soup recipe in four different ways: broth and vegetables served separately, chunky vegetable soup, chunky-pureed vegetable soup, and pureed vegetable soup. Sixty participants ate lunch at the laboratory for five consecutive weeks. Each week they were given a different soup or no soup at all prior to their meal. Though the researchers found that having soup reduced subsequent meal intake by an average of 134 calories, they did not find that the type of soup had any significant impact. While we still don’t know why soup helps to curb our appetites, we definitely recommend eating low-calorie soup to help reduce your intake at meals!


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