How to Make Your Bikini Fit

Bikini-season is fast approaching and, surprisingly, many of our clients struggle the most this time of the year. Between relaxing, traveling and socializing, it’s easy to pack on the pounds between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This week, my team and I have compiled a list of some of the best (and worst) options available to you at the beach, bar, and barbeque. Heather's Suggestions
At the BBQ
AVOID: Hamburgers with the works (cheese, mayo, etc.), coleslaw, potato salad, the ‘punch’ cocktail
BETTER OPTION: Baked bean salad (as long as it’s vegetarian), bunless hamburger or hot dog
BEST OPTION: Chicken breast, salad, corn-on-the-cob, roasted veggies
Travel Tip The first 24 hours of your trip sets the tone for the rest of the weekend so make sure you have a game plan for the day that you travel. I suggest waiting until you’re half way through your travels to have a small snack like a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread or a yogurt and piece of fruit. For example, if you’re driving out to the beach and your trip is 2 hours, Avoid shoving in a sandwich before you leave. Instead, wait until an hour into the trip to pull your sandwich it out
Stephanie's Suggestions
At the Bar
AVOID: The frozen margarita
BETTER OPTION: Margarita on-the-rocks with lime juice instead of sour mix
BEST OPTION: Vodka on the rocks with soda and lime
Travel Tip When travelling, you may want to choose alcohol as your healthy carbohydrate intake for the day. Try and stick to the lightest choices such as vodka, wine or light beer. In addition, when out, try and have your first cocktail WITH your meal because alcohol on an empty stomach can lower your willpower and lead to extra indulgences
Dara's Suggestions
At the Beach
AVOID: Ice cream, chips, pretzels
BETTER OPTION: Sorbet or Italian ice
BEST OPTION: Bring some fresh fruit or frozen fruit (like grapes or bananas, if you have a cooler)
Travel Tip Try and avoid the pickable, popables that are common when attending summer parties such as nuts, chips and guacamole and the creamy dip for the crudités. Cheese platters can also lead to disaster eating. Try and save your calories for mealtime as the mindless munching in between meals can lead to the summer weight gain



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