Listen All of Y’all, It’s a Sabotage!

  We all have them – those friends in life that for one reason or another seem destined just to sabotage all your hard work.     Maybe it’s the well-meaning bestie, or the unintentional husband, but the people closest to you have some weird sort of knack for knowing when you’re on a role and then knocking you down a peg or two – and maybe it’s not always on purpose, but it’s there. Sure, “frenemies” are a fact of life and I’m sure you might have one or two toxic folks in the mix that might simply just be jealous of your success. But no matter what the reason, you can’t let the input of others derail you – keep on keepin’ on. Of course it’s easier said than done. Especially when the situation is by no means a malicious one, it’s hard to know how to tune out but not become a Debbie Downer – or horror of horrors, the Die-Hard Dieter that everyone feels uncomfortable eating with. Accept that eating and food are just a fixed part of social life – ya can’t get around it. From BBQ’s to cocktails at girl’s night, you’ve just got to make it work with your diet plan. You just need a plan of attack for no matter what shape your sabotage takes. The “Live Your Life” Friend Ah, the well –meaning, would-be support system. We all know this friend – the “just a taste” kind. But somehow “just a taste” turns in to an entire pizza. And sure, you’ll go for cocktails with them… but it will always turn in to an entire pitcher of sangria. And maybe, just maybe, you guys could share a dessert… Really, the only intentions of this friend are that you enjoy your life. They only see the joy they have when they’re with you and genuinely probably just forget. But of course, the road to disaster is paved with good intentions.  For starters, definitely don’t take this personally or as an attack on all your hard work. This is definitely not a reason to cut back on the friendship – just on the calories consumed as a result of the friendship. Don’t skip out on a weekly dinner-date; just pick a place where you know you’ll be able to control the insanity. If Mexican cantinas lead to all-you-can-eat fiestas, then try your favorite sushi spot where you have a few options that don’t even need modifications. Don’t forfeit your happy-hour tradition, just maybe move the party to your place where you can limit your selections to low-cal cocktails and not be tempted by the fruity, juicy, tempting, schmorgasbord that is the beverage menu,   The Trigger Friend   Sure, meals with this pal usually go fairly well. In fact, maybe she’s on a similar eating plan as you. But after a well-balanced meal, you find yourself heading home, meandering around your kitchen slowly eating yourself out of house and home. Halfway through your third sleeve of chocolate chip cookies, you begin reflecting on the evening. The entire night ‘s conversation was dedicated to how her world is crumbling down. Thus, the trigger friend. This means the friend who simply causes you to stress eat. The same can be said for trigger scenarios. A big one is at the end of a day where maybe you didn’t do so hot with your choices, so you end up canceling on dinner with your folks at that great new place you knew they’d love. By the end of the night, you not only didn’t spare yourself the extra calories, you’ve also finished off the last sleeve of cookies. Never avoid plans!  You could probably have found something perfectly suitable at the restaurant and would’ve felt great being out and about. Know your triggers – and if you find yourself in that situation, treat yourself in a different way. Slink in to that outfit that always makes you feel good, hit up the discount shoe store, give yourself an hour of cheesy television, pretty much anything to shake the funk for a bit. The Long, Lean Loved One   Just because you’re cutting out the calories doesn’t mean your genetically skinny-minny hubby needs to too. You’re measuring portions, he’s measuring how big of a bite of his parmigiana hero he can get in his mouth at once. First off, remember that just because his (or her!) waistline is staying trim, doesn’t meant that all those calories aren’t taking a toll. People can appear svelte as a swimmer, but might have cholesterol through the roof. So for starters, a house stocked with healthy goodies is a good jumping off point (and then he can eat whatever he wants for lunch during work.) Also, when it comes to dining out and he goes ahead and orders something that ends in the word “platter”, don’t even torture yourself with a taste. Just let it go… let it go. One of the most dreaded situations with this kind of eater is those nights where you want HIM to plan dinner. You’ve just had a day that kicked your ass and would love if he’d handle the night’s dining, but it’s hard to get what you need out of  a meal when someone who doesn’t have to take certain things in to consideration is planning it. Instead of saying the cursed “I dunno, you pick” give him a few choices and let him pick from there. That way you narrow it down but still leave it up to him. The only thing that complicates this kind of household is when you have a wee one who DOES need the calories and extra fat -- or when one child needs to watch their intake closely and the other child needs a little padding in their diet. For this, just make sure the calories are coming from healthy fats. Avocados instead of chicken wings, good healthy portions of olive oil, go for stuff like this.



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