Write your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy resolutions to regain control of our diets aren’t always realistic. We tend to tip the scale towards ambitious rather than achievable, which is why it can be difficult to stick with your goals. When weight loss is on your mind, it is easy to fall victim to fad diets that “promise” extreme weight loss in a mere 4 weeks. But, dieticians, nutritionists and researchers alike all agree: deprivation and restriction are out and conscious eating is in. With 2011 diet trends forecasting plates filled with lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables- we know what to eat, but how can we stay on track? An article in HealthDay News, Food Diary a Great Tool for Losing Weight, Expert says, sheds light on this topic and gives us an easy tool to track our progress using a food diary! Diaries aren’t just for adolescent girls keeping secrets from their kid brother who is just dying to know who’s the cutest boy in 8th grade; they are a great way to realize exactly what and how much you eat everyday. Keeping track of your diet will allow you to notice patterns and showcase areas for improvement, so that you can become a more conscious eater. Keeping your food diary simple and organized is crucial, and referring to your journal with your dietician or physician will produce even better results (an example of how all my clients record their food is located here). This will allow your health professional to gain additional insight into your daily food habits that you may not be aware of, thus enabling a diet tailored to fit you into a smaller size. Keeping a food diary fits into the three integral components when formulating a successful weightloss plan: 1. nutrition knowledge and expertise, 2. accountability (i.e. recording what you eat in a food diary), and 3. coaching and encouragement. So, frequent your nearest office supply store, pick up a composition book and some pens (hey, you can even pick up a small lock to keep wandering eyes out) and write your way to a healthier lifestyle.


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