Guilt-free Pasta Salad

One of my favorite summer recipes is a mouthwatering pasta salad. It’s great for picnics, casual dinner parties and always a hit at a potluck dinner party; everyone from your kids and their friends to grandparents love to eat it. But odds are that most of the pasta salads you eat are pretty heavy on the mayo and that’s definitely not part of our healthful eating plan. This amazing recipe for Macaroni Salad from acclaimed health-focused, natural foods chef and cookbook author, Heidi Swanson is not only mayo-free but whole wheat, easy to whip up and uniquely delicious. It’s also more of a salad than most pasta salads with large bunches of arugula. To cut down on calories even more, opt for reduced-fat parmesan cheese or omit it all together. Also, be sure to set a bowl aside for yourself because it’ll be gone before you know it! Enjoy!


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