Prepare, Eat, Repeat

As far as habituation thresholds go, humans are pretty much the worst. It explains why we tire easily of the latest pop song playing like a broken-record on the radio, suddenly feel that we have no clothes in our closet even though we all claim to only buy things we'll wear forever and become uninterested in an action-packed new game after obsessively playing it for a week. While it may seem as if we are over-stimulated and possibly on the verge of becoming the largest attention seeking generation, there is one area in which our short attention span may actually be beneficial... weight loss. A recent TIME Healthland article, “How Repetitive Foods Can Mean Weight Loss”, reviewed a studied published in this month’s The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claiming habitual meals lead to over-familiarization and simply humans get bored of eating the same thing so we start eating less. This isn’t something revolutionary, dieticians all over the US, myself included, have been counseling our patients to do just this, and the result is successful, long-term weight loss. So give it a try, bore yourself thin!


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