2016 Best Fridge and Freezer Products

Hi. I'm Heather Bauer -- Bestowed co-founder and registered dietitian. One of the easiest way to ensure a healthy diet is to always have a fridge and freezer stocked with healthy and delicious options. That way when you get home from a long day or are lazy at home on the weekend, it's so easy to put together a healthy meal or snack instead of reaching for the takeout menus. That's why we at Bestowed put together our 2016 Best Fridge and Freezer Products Guide. We scoured market shelves and tested thousands of products to bring you only the best-tasting, most nutritious products that meet our strict quality standards and are easily stored in your fridge or freezer. I've personally reviewed and tested each of these products (many of which are in my own kitchen) and give them my stamp of approval. Enjoy!  

Published April 20, 2016