34 Degrees Natural Crisps

by: 34 Degrees


WHY WE LOVE: These ingenious little crisps know how to make everything around them shine, from cheese to dips and spreads and more.  Deliciously light, naturally tasteful, and simply great to have around. They carefully blend a handful of the highest quality ingredients and bake them until they’re super-crispy and subtly toasty. One serving of 34 Degrees Crisps gives you 9 satisfying crackers — all for less than 1 gram of fat and only 50 calories. 

TIPS: Top with cottage cheese and sliced peaches, Laughing Cow spreadable wedges or Justin’s nut butter for a snack. Serve them alongside your favorite cheeses or healthy dips and you’ve got a stylish and tasty spread in seconds.

Nutrition Information


Nutrition Information

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