Beanitos Bean Chips

by: Beanitos


WHY WE LOVE: Beanitos bean chips are made from USA-farmed whole beans and non-GMO ingredients. Beanitos Black Bean chips fill you up with complete protein and fiber that keeps you feeling fuller longer than regular chips. The White Bean Hint of Lime navy bean chips offer 6g of fiber and 4g of protein in every serving. They pack a delightful and nutritious crunch, along with a crisp splash of citrus. Packed with flavor, the Black Bean Honey Chipotle BBQ incorporates smoky chipotle spiciness with sweet honey for a tasty crunch you won’t want to put down!

TIPS: Great with your favorite salsa OR as a hearty base for nachos, topped with low-fat cheese, salsa, green onion and served with a single-serve packet of guacamole. 

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