Bionaturae Gluten-Free Fusilli 12 oz, 3 ct

by: Bionaturae


WHY WE LOVE: Bionaturae Fusilli Pasta is a certified organic and gluten-free pasta that is grown in Italy on a small family owned farm. All ingredients are certified organic and processed without pesticides or fertilizers. Cooks just like traditional pasta minus the gluten! Great alternative for those with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. 

TIPS: Use this delicious and gluten-free pasta instead of traditional pasta in any recipe. Add your favorite sauce and veggies for a fully balanced meal. 

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Organic Rice Flour, Organic Potato Starch,Organic Rice Starch, Organic Soy Flour This product is made from soybeans that were not genetically modified.

NUTRITION FACTS: See label image. 

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