Bucky Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bed Pillow

by: Bucky


WHY WE LOVE: There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep that leaves you fully rested and ready to go! The Bucky Organic Cotton Buckwheat Bed Pillow is ideal for sinking into restorative sleep that helps your body repair and lets your muscles truly relax. The buckwheat hull filling is moldable and conforms to support your every curve, and facilitate proper breathing and spinal alignment. Even better, buckwheat hulls allow for continuous ventilation, which keeps the pillow cool and dry throughout the night. The eco-friendly, hypoallergenic buckwheat filling is grown without additives, pesticides, or fertilizers. This 100% organic cotton pillow is perfect for every type of sleeper!

TIPS: Suitable for side, stomach and back sleepers, you can adjust to your desired fullness by simply adding or removing buckwheat hulls for personalized comfort.


Where to Purchase

ONLINE: bucky.com