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WHY WE LOVE: Bushwick Tea is a small batch, whole-leaf tea brand from Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Breakfast has the highest caffeine content in their line of tea flavors, and promises to get you that high caffeine Black tea kick that you need each morning. This Indian black tea originates from the Assam and Nilgiri regions of India. The Moroccan Mint is a sweet spearmint that is refreshing, palate cleansing and also soothing and aromatic. Highly recommended to freshen up your day. The Moroccan Mint with spearmint from Egypt, is medium caffeine, and a great palate cleanser after lunch. 

TIPS: For best flavor, use filtered water and remove tea bag once the recommended steep time has reached (do not over-steep).

Nutrition Information


Brooklyn Breakfast: Organic Indian Black tea (Assam and Nilgiri blend)

Moroccan Mint: Organic green tea, organic Spearmint (Egypt)

Where to Purchase

ONLINE: bushwicktea.com