Ciao Bella Sorbetto

by: Ciao Bella


WHY WE LOVE: Ciao Bella Sorbetto features only the finest ingredients meticulously sourced from around the globe. For the Sicilian Blood Orange Sorbetto, they blend a secret mix of three blood orange varieties (Barocco, Sanguinely and Moro) to achieve the signature flavor, refreshing aroma, and deep orange color of this sorbetto. When you want the best mangoes, there’s only one place to go: India. The Alphonso Mango variety is considered hands-down the best in terms of sweetness and complexity. There really was no other choice when it came to making this sorbetto as amazing as possible. It’s pure mango magic. Sorbetto is meant to be a simple dessert; therefore, Ciao Bella's focus on quality ensures that each sorbetto delights with the true flavor of its signature fruit. Simple ingredients, Non-GMO Project verified.  

TIPS: For an extra sweet, anti-oxidant boosted treat, top a scoop of Ciao Bella sorbetto with a few dark chocolate chips and enjoy!  

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