Coco Libre Protein, Chocolate

by: Coco Libre


WHY WE LOVE: Coco Libre Protein is made with USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified coconut water and 20g of grass-fed milk protein. Coco Libre Protein is only 130 calories, has no added sugar, has 5 electrolytes, 22 vitamins and minerals, and gets its delicious chocolate taste from pure Dutch cocoa!

TIPS: Drink this in the morning if you’re on the go and have a busy day ahead of you. Have one post-workout to help aid recovery, build lean muscle, and rehydrate your body.

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Fair Trade Certified Organic Coconut Water From Concentrate, Filtered Water, Grass Fed Milk Protein Concentrate, Erythritol, Dutched Cocoa Powder, Acacia Gum, Nutrient Blend, Vanilla Extract, Carrageenan, Stevia Leaf Extract.

NUTRITION FACTS: See label image.

Where to Purchase

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