EBOOST® SPRUCE™ Energizing Whole Greens



WHY WE LOVE: EBOOST® SPRUCE™ is truly the best alternative to juicing on the market! It’s convenient to take on-the-go with no refrigeration needed, less expensive and more nutritious than juicing with only 2g of sugar compared to 25g in most cold pressed juices, 6g of fiber compared to 0g in cold pressed juices, and 3 FULL servings of green veggies per packet. Plus, get a natural boost of energy with 85mg of natural caffeine and antioxidants from whole coffee cherries. SPRUCE™ is a gluten-free, Non-GMO, all-natural greens product you can actually feel! Why juice when you can SPRUCE™!

TIPS: Great to refuel your energy and nutrients levels after a workout - swap out your afternoon coffee with SPRUCE™ for a revitalizing and nutritious boost. It's a win-win!  Try mixing it with unsweetened almond or soy milk for an extra creamy treat, guilt free!

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