Exo Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Bar

by: Exo


WHY WE LOVE: Exo makes nutrient-dense real food bars, designed by a three-Michelin-starred chef. They combine minimally-processed cricket flour protein with ultra-premium ingredients for a bar without compromise. No gluten, grain, soy, dairy or refined sugars. Perfect as a meal-replacement, healthful snack or pre/post-exercise. Sustainable fuel for the explorers among us. The PB&J recipe is an adult homage to the childhood classic, combining peanut butter with whole strawberries and toasted gluten-free oats to nail that nostalgic flavor. One bite will bring you back! 

TIPS: Keep a stash in your gym bag for a last minute pre or post workout snack OR bring along on your next hike or outdoor adventure! 

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Peanuts, Strawberries, Apricots, Cricket Flour (Acheta Domesticus), Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Puffed Brown Rice (Rice Flour, Rice Bran, Raisin Juice Concentrate, Honey, Salt), Honey, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt.

Contains peanuts. If you have a crustacean shellfish allergy, you may be allergic to crickets.

NUTRITION FACTS: See label image.

Where to Purchase

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