Grass-Fed Traditions Soy-Free Eggs

by: Grass-Fed Traditions


WHY WE LOVE: Grass-Fed Traditions eggs come from chickens raised by family farmers and eat a coconut-based soy-free feed mixture that has no genetically modified grains (no GMOs!). In addition to eliminating soy and using coconut pulp, chickens eat a high quality fish meal and crab meal to increase their Omega-3 content of their eggs.  These eggs do not come from "factory birds" where the chickens are kept in cages their whole lives and never see sunlight or go outdoors. In the summer, these chickens are pastured on lush Wisconsin grass where they are free to roam around, resulting in high-quality, fresh eggs.

TIPS: These eggs ship right to your door in 100% recyclable boxes. Enjoy farm fresh eggs on your breakfast table any time of year! 

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