Hnina Gourmet Organic Raw Chocolate Truffles with Sprouted Nuts & Seeds

by: Hnina Gourmet


WHY WE LOVE:  Hnina Gourmet is where pure decadent luxury meets ultimate health and nutrition. Hnina makes artisanal organic raw dark chocolate truffles, each generously packed with one of seven mouthwatering combinations of raw sprouted nuts and seeds.  Almond + Hazelnut, Pecan + Pine Nut, Macadamia + Pistachio, Brazil Nut + Almond + Coconut, Pistachio + Hazelnut, Walnut + Cashew, Flax + Sesame + Pumpkin + Sunflower Seeds. They use non-inflammatory, nutritious raw honey and pure maple syrup for healthy sweetening (just a touch), pure vanilla bean and no other ingredients or additives whatsoever.  No refined sugar, emulsifiers, soy, palm oil, wax, GMO or dairy.  Pristine, clean, pure! These healthy gourmet satiating treats are so nutrient rich; they are a great source of fiber, protein, antioxidants, enzymes, healthy fats and vitamins.  And as if that’s not enough, Hnina uses only sustainable and compostable materials on their beautiful award winning packaging. 

TIPS: Hnina truffles are available in three lines:  Lightly Roasted, Raw (nuts & seeds remain raw) & Vegan, (raw nuts & seeds, sweetened with only maple syrup, no honey).  All lines feature raw chocolate and are non-dairy vegan. They make for amazing gifts and be forewarned, may permanently replace your source for chocolates!

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ONLINE: *Use code BESTOWED15 for 15% off through November 5th*