Hooray Puree 100% Organic Single Ingredient Vegetable Puree, Mixed Case, 6-boxes (two 4 oz pouches ea)

by: Hooray Puree

Why We Love

Hooray Puree is a 100% organic single-ingredient vegetable puree. Hooray Puree picks their vegetables at the peak of ripeness, purees them and packages them without adding preservatives, dyes or even ascorbic acid, and then packages them in clear BPA-free pouches so that consumers can see their natural colors and texture. Hooray Puree veggies can be added to virtually any snack or meal to increase nutrition and enhance flavors in your favorite foods! Mixed case includes two boxes each of Spinach, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato.

TIPS: Mix into your favorite baked goods recipe to replace the oil 1:1, like brownies and muffins, or blend with fruit and juice for a nutritious breakfast smoothie. Find hundred of recipes and other ideas on their website!

Nutrition Information

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