Mighty Leaf Tea Company Chocolate Mint Truffle Herbal Infusion

by: Mighty Leaf Tea


WHY WE LOVE: This decadent herbal infusion is made with a blend of all-natural chocolate cacao nibs, mint and rooibos leaves to create a unique flavor profile. Mighty Leaf is dedicated to creating the best quality teas with innovative flavors, packaged in specially-designed, eco-friendly tea pouches. Free of caffeine and anything artificial, this tea tastes indulgent without all the sugar and calories.

TIPS: Unwind with a cup of chocolate mint truffle tea after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt-free.

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Rooibos leaves, spearmint, cacao nibs, natural flavors

Where to Purchase

ONLINE: Amazon, mightyleaf.com

IN STORE: Store Locator