Miracle Noodle Cleanse & Detox Soup

by: Miracle Noodle



WHY WE LOVE: Miracle Noodle Cleanse & Detox Soup has a delicious mild lemon curry flavor and comes with Miracle Noodle Fettuccini, a gluten-free noodle that makes you feel satiated despite containing zero net calories. Cleanse & Detox soup also combines 22 antioxidant spices that naturally detox harmful free radicals from the bloodstream; quinoa, the high-fiber, high-protein grain; botanical herbs, including kelp, liquorice, cilantro, rosemary and parsley, which all help eliminate toxins; and lemon and vitamin C, which together act as a waste disposal system, flushing toxins from the body. Plus, it contains probiotics: ​one serving is packed with 500 CFU's (colony forming units) of GanedenBC30®​, which has been clinically proven to support digestive health.​​ Cleanse & Detox Soup from Miracle Noodle is a rewarding and satisfying alternative to strict diet cleanses.

TIPS: Add green leafy vegetables such as spinach and/or extra lemon juice.

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