NaturAlmond Almond Butter

by: Georgia Grinders


WHY WE LOVE: All NaturAlmond almond butters contain no added sugars, oils, preservatives or emulsifiers. The simple, clean, non-GMO ingredients combine for a savory and satisfying nutty flavor. All NaturAlmond products are crafted in their own peanut-free facility and made from simply roasted almonds and sea salt (plus crystalized honey in the honey roasted variety) for quality and freshness you can trust.

    TIPS: Worried about peanut allergies in school? Give your kids an ab+j: spread NaturAlmond almond butter and your favorite no sugar added jelly on gluten-free bread for an allergy-friendly, clean and delicious lunch.

    Nutrition Information


    Original: Non-GMO Almonds, Sea Salt

    Honey Roasted: Non-GMO Almonds, Crystalized Honey, Sea Salt

    NUTRITION FACTS: See label images.

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