NoGii Paleo Bar, Nuts About Berries

by: NoGii


WHY WE LOVE: NoGii Paleo bars were created to provide a no gluten and paleo compliant alternative for active lifestyles. Whether you are on-the-go, at play, or in the gym, NoGii Paleo bars are formulated to give you a good, clean, certified gluten-free nutritional food choice. Made from high quality premium ingredients, NoGii Paleo bars contain no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, dairy or soy. With only a few basic ingredients including nuts, fruits, and honey, their paleo minimally processed bars offer a great tasting way for those following the paleo lifestyle to stay on track and in compliance with their diet.

TIPS: Throw this in your gym bag for pre or post-workout fuel. Stash this in your beach bag for a portable summer snack that doesn't melt in the heat! 

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ONLINE: (30% off purchase of any paleo product made on the NoGii website with code BestowPaleo30)

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