Orgran Essential Fiber Crispibread

by: Orgran


WHY WE LOVE: Orgran Essential Fibre Crispibread is loaded with the goodness of complex carbohydrates combined with excellent dietary fibre value. This product is light, crunchy and offers an outstanding 19% dietary fibre content. It is the ideal alternative to bread or heavier type of crackers and has less than 0.4g fat per serving. 

TIPS: Top an Orgran cracker with 1 percent whipped cottage cheese and a piece of lox to mimic a high-calorie classic, bagel and lox. For the perfect weekend snack, top a cracker with marinara sauce and 2 percent shredded cheese for a fiber-rich pizza.

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Brown Rice Flour, Wholegrain Sorghum, Psyllium (17%), Rice Bran, Salt.

NUTRITION FACTS: See label image.

Where to Purchase

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