Perfect Fuel Organic Dark Chocolate Energy Bite with Ginseng

by: Perfect Fuel


WHY WE LOVE: Perfect Fuel first came about when founder Nicolas Warren suddenly realized that he could improve his endurance training tenfold by combining two of his favorite nutrition powerhouses: cacao and ginseng, a medicinal plant found in North America. Soon his concept came to life with this dark chocolate and ginseng endurance snack, which provides natural energy and vitality with each 80-calorie piece. Our ears perk up at the mention of chocolate, and we love this unique idea of having it before a workout to boost stamina and maintain mental clarity. Plus, dark chocolate is known to decrease stress and improve overall mood. With this awesome snack, everybody wins.

TIPS: Spoil yourself with a serving of Perfect Fuel before working up a sweat OR enjoy in the afternoon for an all-natural and energizing pick-me-up.

Nutrition Information

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, Cacao Butter, Vanilla Bean, Coconut Palm Sugar, North American Ginseng

NUTRITION FACTS: One Energy Bite contains

  • 80 Calories
  • 500mg of Ginseng
  • 5g of Carbs
  • 3g of Sugar

Where to Purchase


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