Stash Tea Matcha & Breakfast Teas

by: Stash Tea


WHY WE LOVE: Kickstart your day with an energizing matcha boost from this unique line of green teas. Enjoy the thirst-quenching flavor of pomegranate combined with the zing of natural raspberry, the refreshing and minty flavor of a mojito, or the perfect blend of a juicy peach mixed with sharp ginger. If a classic and bold tea is more your style, you may prefer a black breakfast tea to begin your day. Stash Tea’s Super Irish Breakfast is known as the “espresso” of teas, and is brewed very strong. If you prefer a strong tea, with a little less of a kick, Stash Tea’s English Breakfast is stimulating, yet still comforting. For a truly unique take on a breakfast tea, bring a touch of Paris to your morning with Stash Tea’s Breakfast in Paris. Aromatic and floral, lavender is the perfect complement to the citrus bergamot oil and full-bodied black tea. And for those who enjoy the sharp bite of ginger, but need a stronger tea to wake up with, Stash Tea’s Ginger Breakfast is just the thing for morning or anytime a bracing cup of tea is desired.

TIPS: The breakfast teas taste great as a tea latte with unsweetened almond milk and honey or a packet of Nektar Naturals.

Nutrition Information


Super Irish Breakfast: blended black teas

English Breakfast: blended black teas

Ginger Breakfast: blended black teas, organic ginger root, natural ginger flavor

Breakfast in Paris: blended black teas, lavender, bergamot extract, vanilla extract

Pomegranate Raspberry: green tea, chamomile, hibiscus, orange peel, citric acid, natural raspberry flavor, matcha, natural pomegranate flavor

Mojito Mint: green tea, peppermint, natural lime flavor, matcha

Ginger Peach: ginger root, green tea, natural peach flavor, matcha

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